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A comprehensive Legal Case Management Software

What makes iLexr the ultimate legal case management solution?

iLexr is designed by lawyers for lawyers. It is highly flexible and configurable and fits in any industry or jurisdiction. iLexr is GDPR certified, secure and its features are modular enabling it to fit for both law-firms and in-house legal departments of any size. It is available on-cloud, on-server and can be hosted also on private SaaS depending on client preferences.

Trusted by law firms as the turnkey law firm case management software

iLexr is a legal case management system that helps law firms and in-house legal teams to consolidate all the information that is relevant to a matter in one simple and easy to use platform. Enter new case records, update, and save existing case records in a fully searchable database.

What makes iLexr a trusted Case Management Solution

Client Management

Reduce human error

iLexr ensures that all essential data is collected in an accurate way and makes sure that that information doesn’t get lost. It accomplishes tasks automatically through automated forms.

Keep up with your Deadlines

Manage deadlines and never miss an important date anymore. iLexr allows you to add and update the deadlines that relate to each case and then update them spontaneously.

Legal software for large and mid-size law firms
law firm case management software

Store and Track Data

Managing legal data requires synchronicity of complex working processes. iLexr enables you to store and preserve information related to your cases in one platform without worrying about misplacing the related legal documents.

Coordinate Communication & Document Retrieval

Search and find particular information whenever you want. iLexr makes it easy for more than one lawyer to collaborate on one case and share different documents in a simple way.

legal document management software

Work Anytime from Anywhere

Access client’s documents anytime anywhere. This is a significant benefit, where you can stay productive and get your job done wherever you are.

Fulfill Your Expectations

Empower your firm and help your team handle the client’s requests faster, and better than before.

All-in-one legal case management system

Now you can have all the data you need, including cases, documents, deadlines, expenses, bills, time logs, —right at your fingertips. No more wasted time, lost data, or missed dates.


iLexr is a highly secure case management software that follows the newest security trends and technology practices. It is compliant with banks’ security and trusted by thousands of lawyers worldwide.